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Christmas Decoration Tips and Ideas

We’ve all seen those yards that are beautiful at Christmas. A panorama of twinkling lights with decorations that accent the home and yard and make it into a winter wonderland.

We’ve also all seen those tacky homes that have way too many cheap looking yard decorations and light. You know, the ones you wonder how they pay their electric bills after Christmas!

Decorating Your Yard Tastefully

Decorating the outside of your home can be an exciting thing. You can choose from a wide variety of lights in many shapes and colors. Icicle lights hanging from the rafters can add a very nice touch.

There are many Christmas yard decorations available that are tasteful and can look very nice. However, anything can look tacky if you overdo it. Remember, if you have to use more than 6 outdoor extension cords to plug in all of your decorations, you may be overdoing it.

One yard decoration that can look nice are the deer and other lawn Christmas ornaments made of heavy duty white wire that are life-sized. A lot of these have heads and necks that move up and down, and are outlined in white lights. A few of these can add a nice touch to your lawn.

A wreath on your front door is always a nice welcoming touch for any guests you may have around the holidays. You will easily be able to find one that fits your home and your personality since there are so many types made of so many materials available.

Lights strung on your house are always in the spirit of Christmas. Just try to use common sense and don’t cover every square inch of your house with lights. Sometimes a little simplicity can make things look so much better.

If you are unsure about how your yard looks after you are done, ask a friend to come over who hasn’t been there since you decorated. Ask them for their honest opinion. Of course they may have done some things differently, but as long as your lights and decorations are tripping breakers in your house, you should be okay.

We’ve all seen those tacky houses covered in Christmas lights with yards too crowded to walk through due to all of the lawn ornaments. As long as you are not inclined to have a herd of pink flamingos on your lawn in the summer, you should be okay once Christmas rolls around.

The 10 Christmas Decoration Tips You Must Know

Decorating for Christmas is one of the best things about the holidays. The twinkling of lights, the sight of a perfectly trimmed tree and a perfectly placed wreath adorning your front door are all gentle reminders of the joyous Christmas season.

When decorating your home, you want the décor to reflect your own personal style while keeping the Christmas tradition always present. A few tips can help make this holiday decorating season even brighter.

Christmas Decoration Tip #1: Lights Out

With each year that passes, Christmas lights tend to burn out at some point. Unless you have a strand that burns with the exception of the troublesome light, it can be a real headache to find the faulty bulb. Consider investing in a light tester, which will check each individual light and detect the one that needs replacing. These can be found with the Christmas supplies at most department stores.

Christmas Decoration Tip #2: Angels Nearby

Whenever possible, decorate your home with angels. They add a touch of peace and tranquility to your home and we all need to know that there are angels watching over us.

Christmas Decoration Tip #3: Be fruity

Prepare a fruit-filled clear glass bowl as a centerpiece for your dining room table. Nothing smells like Christmas as much as an orange or a nice fruit combination.

Decoration Tip #4: Add a personal touch

If you hang Christmas stockings, consider personalizing them with your name, your spouses name and those of your children. These days, even pets have stockings, so don’t forget to add Fido’s name on a stocking. You can easily personalize a traditional stocking using a glitter pen, preferably one that writes in silver or gold. A personalized stocking is a nice idea and a special added touch.

Christmas Decoration Tip #5: Pucker up

Decorate your home with poinsettia and mistletoe, which are both holiday traditions. A nice artificial poinsettia plant will always be beautiful and is easy to take care of – no water required. A mistletoe is always a nice touch and especially if you just need one more reason to smooch.

Christmas Decoration Tip #6: Working with wreaths

Don’t forget to place a beautiful green wreath on the front door of your home. Make sure to add a red bow for a brightening touch! Artificial wreaths will last year after year, but real wreaths do have a wonderful scent. If you want to add wreath’s to the windows in your home, consider purchasing a magnetic wreath hanger. This type of hanger comes in two parts – one goes on the inside of your home and the piece with the hook will go on the outside. These hangers have been around for years, but they are steadily beginning to gain in popularity. The magnets are so strong that they can work through doors and windows, which is ideal for hanging wreaths on the outside of your home without the fuss of a traditional plastic wreath hanger, which drapes across the top of your door.

Christmas Decoration Tip #7: A perfect fit

When choosing a Christmas tree, make sure to measure the preferred location from side to side and from floor to roof. You will want to make sure that perfect tree fits when you bring it home. Artificial trees are easy care, but a real tree requires plenty of water.

Christmas Decoration Tip #8: It’s all about tradition

It’s nice to start a family tradition by decorating your tree on a certain day each year. Perhaps after Thanksgiving dinner, the whole family can spend the evening dressing their home for Santa.

Christmas Decoration Tip #9: Shop smart

Make sure that all electric decorations are UL listed to ensure that they have been tested for quality and safety. Don’t forget to unplug everything before you leave home or go to bed at night.

Christmas Decoration Tip #10: Say Cheese

Always remember to have plenty of film and batteries for the camera. Now that you have the perfect decorations, don’t forget to capture them on film.

Endless Possibilities with a Christmas Rope Light

Christmas rope light is possibly on of the most versatile strings of lights you can find. You can use them for many different types of decorating, and often they can be used where other types of Christmas lights just won’t work.

Rope lights usually come in a 1/2” tube. You can find them in just about any color imaginable. The lights themselves are encased in tubing, usually made of PVC. The lights are typically miniature bulbs space about 1” apart.

One common use of a Christmas rope light stand is in free standing sculptures. Often you will find a reindeer, a sleigh, a star, or some other Christmas icon with rope lights attached to the frame. Once the ropes of lights are lit up, they effectively outline the figure in a seamless line of cheerful bright lights.

You can usually find rope lights at discount stores or hobby stores, especially around Christmas. These come pre-packaged in various lengths and in a variety of colors. Sometimes you can even find them at other times of the year for other holidays.

Freestyle Christmas Rope Light

If you just can’t find what you need at your local store, you can head to the internet and look at online stores, where customized rope lights are readily available. All you have to do is tell them how long you want the rope to be and what color or colors you want. They will cut your rope light to the length you want, put connectors on it, and ship it to you, all ready to plug in and light up your decorating scheme.

If you are feeling adventurous, or if you have a very specific idea in mind, you can even just order the various components for the rope lights and put them together yourselves. These optional additions include tracks to run the ropes in, connectors, extensions, and clips to position them.

Rope lights are not as popular or quite as readily available as other types of light strings, but they do offer a more seamless look to your decorating. They are also more sinuous and can produce different effects than regular strings of lights. What you choose will depend on your preference and what effect you are going for in your decorating.

Rope lights are possibly the most versatile option out there for the serious decorator. There are many ways to use them, and the options are as limitless as your imagination.

Tips For Decorating A Christmas Tree


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Now that it’s the holiday season everyone is busy thinking about his or her Christmas Trees. There are tricks and tips to help you create a unique look that fits in your home and adds sparkle to your holiday celebrations. Whether real or artificial, a little imagination can take that blank canvas and turn it into something really magical that will brighten your whole holiday season.

You can start by looking for ideas on the trees you see in public places like malls or hotel lobbies. These are great places to get ideas that you can easily bring to your own tree.

Here are some great tips for creating a beautiful tree

1.Your tree will stand in you room till the holiday season ends so it should have a visual impact. The space in your room will determine the size of the tree you can have. This is important to consider especially if you want to enhance your ornaments.

2.Decide on the overall look you like. The more branch tips your tree has, the more ornaments and decorations are needed. If you want your tree to have an informal look, select a tree that has long needles and upswept branches. If you want something more formal, select a tree that has down swept branches and with short needles.

3.Pay attention to lighting. There is a general rule in deciding the number of lights for a tree — a one foot tree should have about 40-50 lights. The simplest thing to do is buy a pre-lit tree, no mess and easy storage. But if you do the lights yourself, hang them inside the tree, for a twinkling effect. Stringing the lights on the outer edges, over the tips of the branches won’t look right. Remember to keep the amount of light uniform, without and unfilled spaces.

4.Add garland. Whether you choose traditional garland or beaded garland, you can get a great look. If you want traditional, swag your garland from the top to the bottom, and also around the back of the tree. The swag of your garland will depend on the width of your tree. Twist the garland at the tip and it should be smaller as it reaches the top of the tree. Another style is to double swag your garland and form it into a spiral garland. Some prefer using ribbon that falls from the top of the tree down along to the bottom.

5.Use fillers. You must use fillers in order to give the tree an enchanting look. Some people don’t do this but it is a great way to give your tree a new look.

6.Choose a color scheme. Use a single color or two complimentary ones to give your tree a coordinated, decorator look. Try traditional choices such as red and gold, or something different like pink and white. Use ornaments of these colors and keep the garland in the same color family as well.

7.Dare to be different. Decorate according to what you like, even if it isn’t the “traditional” way. Use your favorite hobby, ornaments collected on vacations, or old style bulbs to create a look that’s truly your own. This will create a unique, personal holiday expression that is sure to be a conversation starter.

8.Don’t forget the handmade ornaments. No matter what style you are trying to achieve, the hand made ornaments of your own childhood, or those of family members can be wonderful additions to any tree, and compliment any style.

9.Cover the base of your tree with a colorful tree skirt so that the gifts underneath will rest on a pretty background. This makes the packages look even more festive, and looks good after the presents are unwrapped too.

10.Top it off. Use a star, an angel or a large bow — whatever suits your individual taste.

Christmas Decoration: Competing With the Neighbors

For some, Christmas decoration brings images of Christmas lights, a decked out Christmas tree and lavishly wrapped presents under the tree. For others, however, the term Christmas decoration stokes a fire of competition. When Christmas time rolls around, they are at the Christmas decoration store, looking for the biggest, brightest, most extravagant decorations. In their minds, they have on goal: Outdoing the neighbors.

Out Doing Neighbors

Living in a subdivision means that you have neighbors that you see every now and again. Usually, it’s whenever you’re leaving for or returning from work. However, some people have a need to outdo their neighbors, especially at Christmas time. You can see this if you drive around near Christmas time. You’ll see houses with hundreds of dollars in decorations, each house trying to outdo the other. Some suburbanites save up all year round just to be able to buy more Christmas decorations than their neighbors.

The trend makes for great Christmas decoration tours in your car around Christmas time. Whenever neighbors try to outdo each other in the Christmas decoration department, you can often see lines of cars cruising past the houses just to see what each homeowner has done this time.

The Christmas decorations these neighbors use get more and more extravagant each year. What used to be just lights have turned into entire spectacles. Now you have animated snow men and Santa Clauses. On some houses, you can see entire groups of reindeer on the roof with a mechanical Santa trying to get into the chimney. These Christmas decoration showcases are so big that they easily eat a large chunk into anyone’s energy budget. The homeowner may have outdone his or her neighbor but they have also spent a fortune.

Neighborhood Contests

For some, it’s worth it. Many neighborhoods hold a Christmas decoration contest. For some, a simple trophy passed to the winner that they get to brandish all year long is the reward they get for outdoing the other neighbors. Some get money, but most often it’s not near enough to cover what they’ve already spent. For most, however, the reward is just knowing they outdid the person who lives next to them.

Christmas decorations are a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. Whether you are just hanging up lights to spruce up your home or you want to outdo your neighbors, there are Christmas decorations out there for everyone.

Christmas Decoration Storage: Stored Away Until Next Year

Most people don’t even think about Christmas decorations until right after Thanksgiving. That’s when they go to the basement or the attic and pull out the boxes of lights, garland, the Christmas tree and all the tree dressings. Then, when Christmas time is over, they just stuff their things in old boxes and store them once more until next year. There is a trick to Christmas decoration storage, however, that doesn’t include stuffing them into old boxes.

Handle Storage Carefully

The fact is, Christmas decoration storage must be handled carefully. Most Christmas decorations are very fragile. All it takes is a little pressure against an old cardboard box to break a few lights or ornaments. This can be very frustrating once Christmas time rolls around and you find out that you have to buy an entire new supply of decorations because you didn’t store last year’s properly.

Christmas decoration storage doesn’t have to be such a headache. To effectively store your Christmas decorations, you should find a nice plastic Tupperware or plastic tub with a lid. With Tupperware or plastic, your Christmas decorations will continue to look nice for many years to come. That’s because, with Tupperware or plastic, even a healthy amount of pressure won’t be enough to damage any of your decorations. That means that you can put your decorations away and not have to worry about them getting damaged. You can put them away and not have to worry about them until the next Christmas season. That is how Christmas decoration storage should be.

This year, do yourself a favor and don’t gamble with your Christmas decorations. Don’t just throw them in any old box you find and hope that they’ll look the same next year when you pull them out. You don’t want to have to constantly worry about your decorations getting damaged because you add more items to your storage area. This year, get yourself a nice protective container, such as Tupperware or plastic, so that you can put your Christmas decorations in storage and you won’t have to worry about them until it’s actually Christmas time.

Christmas is about celebrating, it’s about family and it’s about having fun. Christmas shouldn’t include worrying about your Christmas decorations, whether they’re going to be damaged and whether you’re going to have to go out and get a whole new set. This year, store your Christmas decorations correctly and you’ll never have to worry about buying new decorations again.

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