There are many types of Christmas lights to choose from when designing an indoor or outdoor lighting display. Americans bought all kinds of household goods that had long been out of their financial reach. This included Christmas lights. For many American households, the kind of lights that they put on their Christmas tree was the C6. Christmas lights are the most popular form of holiday decoration, and many people enjoy decorating the exterior as well as the interior of their houses, from twinkle lights to net lights to icicle lights and even lights that play music. There are warm white lights and colored lights, and seemingly everything in between.

Although both LED and incandescent string lights come in a variety of colors and bulb shapes, there are a few basic differences between them. You’ve probably heard by now that LED lights are energy efficient, which is wonderful news for your power bill, but what else? With a full spectrum of vibrant colors and exceptional durability, LED lights are more than just an energy saving option for your holiday displays!

Brick exteriors are beautiful and durable. The surface is durable and low maintenance. However, for many, drilling into the brick is not an option. Hanging lights is a Christmas tradition everyone can enjoy, and with a few simple adjustments, the outside of that brick abode can glow with holiday cheer. When friends and family come over to visit, you can surprise them with your lights as well as your lawn decorations.

The best Christmas light shows start with a plan and the right selection of Christmas lights to achieve your desired look, both indoors and out. Strings of exterior incandescent bulbs or LED lights will bring a luminous glow to your roofline, windows, trees and bushes. Inside, LED lighting has become the favoured choice for decorating your tree, halls, windows etc.