The end of the year is a great time for companies to send out gifts to their top clients and to their employees Trimming a Christmas tree with holiday ornaments is one of the high points of the holiday season. It is a time when the family relaxes and begins to get excited about the holiday festivities to come. Christmas ornaments can be so elaborate and beautiful that they are often like miniature works of art.

The Christmas season for most people starts after Thanksgiving, although, buying for Christmas begins months before that. Stores are full of Christmas merchandise, including gifts and decorations. Whether you go all-out decorating for the holidays, prefer to keep things low key, or live somewhere in the middle, there’s always something magical about the sight of a Christmas tree loaded with twinkling lights and beautiful ornaments, a lovely tree skirt spread underneath, and a heaping of colorfully wrapped gifts arranged under the branches.

Shatterproof – These are the most common Christmas ornaments. Why? Because they are shatterproof. No special care has to be taken when packing these up from year to year. In the past, the shatterproof option was only available with the traditional ball ornaments.

Glass – Glass ornaments are classic and beautiful. The fragility of these Christmas ornaments gives them a much higher perceived value over the shatterproof ornaments.

Christopher Radko’s ornament business started when, as a young man, he replaced his family’s Christmas tree stand. The new stand did not support the Christmas tree, which fell over, destroying hundreds of antique mouth-blown glass ornaments in the process. The guilt-ridden Radko spent a great deal of time searching for comparable replacements but came up empty-handed.

And while some of the most meaningful ornaments are those you or your children made by hand, it’s still undeniably true that the majority of tree décor in most people’s holiday stash is purchased. Although you’ll find Christmas ornaments for sale just about everywhere within days of Halloween, that doesn’t mean those ornaments are, well, nice. That’s why we decided to do some of the heavy lifting for you this holiday season, and round up some of the very best places to buy Christmas ornaments.