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Best Christmas Tree For This Christmas That Are Over The Top

Real Christmas trees are beautiful but most of them are bulky, some of them weigh around 200 pounds. Artificial Christmas trees come to a rescue as they are not bulky but they are beautiful just like the original Christmas tree.

We know some of you are also thinking that artificial Christmas trees are weak and cannot bear the weight of heavy Christmas ornaments and lights. Even there are many who think that artificial Christmas trees look cheap and tacky whereas these thoughts are completely wrong. We know where are you coming from and all your worries and we are here to put an end to all your worries by introducing you to some best artificial Christmas trees.

Artificial Christmas trees are sometimes on the costlier side so we start looking for artificial Christmas tree clearance and artificial Christmas tree sale. Usually, when we buy things during a sale, we don’t get the best item as mostly the items are old and left ones. But all the Christmas trees that we have gathered for you are amongst the best quality. So, to know more please keep on reading.

Real fresh-cut trees have a peculiar, pleasant evergreen smell and feel. Picking out a Christmas tree every year is a treasured holiday custom for many families though it might get a bit tricky at times. Though real Christmas trees need extra care and attention, at the same time they add a traditional feel to the holiday.

The charm of fresh- cut tree has been tricky to recreate – until now. But we’ve got you covered and compiled 5 top rated Christmas trees that look just like real Christmas tree, cheap and durable at the same time thus can be stored and used year after year. Artificial Christmas trees are easy to set up and store. If you like the look of real Christmas trees, there are plenty of incredible realistic trees just for you. Artificial trees also offer some unique styles and color that are not available naturally and will also please your aesthetic.


Deciding which Christmas tree will be best for you can get a little tricky as there are so many options available on the internet like white Christmas tree, pre lit Christmas tree, fibre optic Christmas tree to name a few. So these are few things that are to be kept in mind while purchasing your Christmas tree.


A small Christmas tree that doesn’t look like the real thing may cost you $100, while you may have to pay more than that for a tree which is larger and looks like a real Christmas tree. If you want a beautiful tree that looks like realistic, you should be ready to pay a bit more for one that has more tips and is made with higher quality materials.


Full-size artificial trees are available ranging in height from 6 feet to 12 feet that can make room for itself in any ceiling height. Also, you should keep the tree width in mind. There are a variety of trees to choose from such as slim trees and full girth trees. Also, make sure that you measure the area before buying.


There are a plenty of styles available for fake Christmas trees to choose from, artificial tree needles are made of extruded Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or molded Poly-Ethylene (PE) and some are a combination of both. Either material makes the tree look very realistic as they very efficiently replicate the look of pine, fir and other evergreens.


Most trees are pre-lit i.e. lights are already installed so you have one less thing to worry about. Lights may be of a different category such as colour changing, shimmery, clear and even multi coloured. Some other features that are available are flocked trees which are treated to make the tree look snow-covered. Self-shaping trees have wire in the branches to make the tree expand to its original shape when removed from the box.


Popularly fresh-cut Christmas trees are of the pine or fir species. And choosing the right type depends on personal taste and as well as regional availability.

Pine Trees — Pine trees have long, slender needles ranging in size from 1 inch to 6 inches long attached in clusters to branches. These trees are available in the shades of yellow-green and blue-green. Even these trees are also available in different types such as Afgan pine, Red pine, Scotch pine and white pine to name a few. Most of them have strong branches and keep their needles well. Scotch pine is one amongst the best Christmas pines.

Fir Trees — Fir trees have flat and waxy needles which are long up to 1 1/2 inches long attached directly to branches in long, dense rows. The colour of the fir spices varies from yellow-green to dark green whereas some species have touches of reddish-brown on the buds. Firs have a very detectable fragrance. When compared with other spices Fir has more flexible branches and shed only some needles. The best varieties available are Grand, Fraser, Noble, Balsam and Douglas.

Apart from these two, there are there are some other types of fresh-cut Christmas trees available and some of them are Spruce, Cedars and Cypress.

Holiday Essence 4 Foot Green Artificial Christmas Tree


  • While you are shopping a tree, test it by giving it a little shake. A few falling brown needles are common, though falling green needles mean the tree is dry.
  • Feel the tree. The needles should be flexible but should come apart when bent sharply. Trees that have stiff needles and are losing their colour should be avoided. Also, do avoid a tree with needles that pull off very easily.
  • The vehicle used for transporting the tree must be very unquestionable. Also for more secure transportation bring rope or bungee cords to secure the load adequately. Take care to protect your vehicle because tree branches and resin can ruin the finish.
  • Always look for a full, symmetrical shaped tree so that you can sacrifice a bit of perfection if the tree needs to be displayed in a corner. Be cautious of branches near the ground as those may have to be removed while fitting the tree in a tree stand.


This Christmas tree by National tree company is one of the most realistic artificial Christmas trees. National Tree Company is a leading manufacturer and wholesale supplier of artificial Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands as well as holiday decorations and fibre optics. Their trees come in a wide range of shapes, styles, and size. So can expect a wide range of variety from them.

This imported Christmas tree Measures 4 ft. tall with 31″ diameter. It is Fire-resistant and non-allergenic and comes in a reusable storage carton making it easy to store. It has 269 tips in total.



This Pine Christmas Tree will be the best eco-friendly Christmas tree for everyone. Eco-Friendly Oncor Christmas Pine tree is a hinge tree that arrives disassembled with a 2-section trunk for faster assembly.  This Christmas tree has use the best quality raw materials and tree parts to give all Oncor trees a minimum 30-year product life in order to make 30 or more joyful Christmases eco-friendly.

It has 417 Tips; 34″ Max. Diameter. A metal Christmas Tree Stand also comes with this Christmas tree. Oncor green boxes are made from strong recycled material cardboard so that consumers can continually reuse our boxes to store Oncor trees after Christmas.  If you are belive in GO GREEN: Made from Flame Retardant 100% Recycled Non-Toxic PVC Plastic.

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