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The Top Reasons to Get a Real Christmas Tree This Year

Each year, you pull out the same old plastic tree out of your garage and as you tediously bend every one of its branches into place to make it look somewhat realistic, you might wonder if you should have gone out and bought a real Christmas tree. In truth, plastic trees may seem like an easier and more resourceful variety of Christmas tree because they can be stored in your home and reused for many years. However, there are actually several reasons that real Christmas trees are not only easier to manage but will also much better for the environment when you consider how they affect our planet in the long run.

National Tree Company ‘Feel Real’ Artificial Christmas Norwegian Spruce Tree-7.5 ft

  • This black metal tree stand is for use with artificial Christmas trees that are 6.5 feet up to 7.5 feet. It is only for indoor use.
  • The pole diameter is 1.25 inches and its dimensions are 7 feet high and 21 inches wide.
  • You can even find other heavy duty metal artificial Christmas tree stands that you can roll to where you want it to be and lock it. This is easy for decorating and storage purposes.
  • They can hold artificial trees up to 15 feet tall and come with heavy duty steel caster locking



First, think about the simplicity of use of real Christmas tress compared to artificial ones, specifically when it comes to set up and take down. With real Christmas trees, you simply visit a local tree farm or tree lot where real Christmas trees are sold and browse through to find one that fits the size of your home as well as the look that you want. You ordinarily will get to pick through several types of trees, including Fraser fir Christmas trees, Scotch pine trees, white spruces, balsam fir trees, cypress trees and more. You just select your tree and choose to cut it down or just have a staff member cut it for you depending on the place where you go to get your tree, then they drill a hole for you and load it on your car. If you decide to visit a local lot where real Christmas trees have already been cut, the entire ordeal could take less than thirty minutes.

Meanwhile, all those who have a fake Christmas tree will have a lot more trouble to cope with between getting their tree out of storage, unboxing it, putting it back together, bending the branches into place and so on and so forth. For many people, the set-up of a fake tree is much more of a struggle than a real Christmas tree that is simply plopped down on a tree stand and ready to go.

Then, look into the ecological impact of procuring a fake tree versus a real one, specifically when it comes to waste. With real Christmas trees, you create no waste by purchasing a tree that naturally decomposes when thrown out following the holiday season. More trees are produced in its place, and you can support a local tree farm business enterprise by buying your tree from them.

Alternatively, fake trees create waste, even if they are reused by the same family for a long time. The plastic will not decompose and as a consequence can create more waste and have a detrimental impact on both the economy and the planet. This year, make life easier and protect the planet by purchasing a real Christmas tree for your home.

When the holidays come around, there is no better sight than a gorgeous Christmas tree all lit up with lights and decorated with shiny ornaments. Lots of people decorate their homes with a Christmas tree around the holidays due to the way it brings the Christmas spirit into the house and how it can bring the family together during decorating and opening presents on Christmas morning. The tree gets to be a gathering place during the holidays, which is why it takes on such great importance during this time of the year. However, there is a divide among people who opt for fake Christmas trees over real Christmas trees due to the difference in cost , appearance and accessibility of each. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are currently trying to decide whether to get a real Christmas tree or a fake one.

A lot of people cite the ease of access as a primary reason for selecting a fake Christmas tree. After all, once a tree has been paid for, it can simply be stored away until the following year, at which point it can be brought out and displayed within minutes. However, there are a few holes in this theory that actually make real Christmas trees a better choice in many respects. To illustrate, take into account the large amount of space necessary to store your fake tree, a luxury which many people who live in apartments or smaller homes simply do not have. Next, most of these fake trees are taken apart in order to be stored, which means that they require assembly and disassembly time and time again and that they are not as easy to display and store as one might think. For these reasons alone, a fake Christmas tree is not the best choice for many people.

Waste is another component that many people make use of to advocate fake trees over real Christmas trees. However, cutting down real Christmas trees annually is in fact much better for the environment than having a fake Christmas tree. Even if your fake tree lasts ten years, the supplies used to make it will not break down for many more decades after that, making waste that takes up more and more landfill space every year. Meanwhile, real Christmas trees easily breakdown once they are thrown out and may also be replanted every year, causing them to be a renewable resource and much more friendly to the environment. Think about these factors this holiday season as you prepare to make a decision about whether you should purchase a fake or real Christmas tree.

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