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When you hear the word Christmas

When you hear this Christmas word, many things will certainly come into your mind. These things are surely associated with happiness, enjoyment, and laughter. This is not surprising at all, since Christmas is celebrated in almost the same way in many places around the world. In all these places, traditions both common and unique are sure to be found. Certainly, these traditions are the things you, as well as many Christmas-lovers, immediately think when they hear this word.

Christmas Tree

Setting up a Traditional Christmas tree to celebrate the Yuletide season is perhaps the most common tradition celebrated in all corners of the world. It is after all associated with the realization and associated that Yuletide is indeed about to come. It is also usually seen in families days—or even months—prior to the actual celebration.

Of course, it is called such for a reason; they are no ordinary trees. It is supposed to be decorated with ornaments and lights. These beautify the tree and turn it into something extra special. Usually, a pine tree is used to be beautified and decorated.

However, in places where there are no pine trees, artificial trees that could be reused every Christmas can be the alternative to pine trees.

Santa Claus

Another tradition commonly followed by many cultures can be summarized in two words: Santa Claus.

Santa Claus is the common name for St. Nicholas, whose existence is disputed by scholars even up to now. Santa Claus embodies the spirit of sharing. He is popular as the character that flies in the night and distributes gifts to kids who have been nice.

Santa Claus is usually clad in red clothes with fur. His hair, as well as his long beard, is white. He is also popular for his congenial laugh, which can be heard in many toy stores come Yuletide season.

Christmas Decorations

Definitely a mark that the season is fast approaching is the beautiful and bright decorations. Commonly, these decorations include poinsettia, lights, and garlands. For the privileged, a Nativity set-up where the Holy Family is simulated can be seen. These decorations mark the anticipation of the celebration. Usually, they are set up months before the actual celebration.

The decorations usually vary from culture to culture. In some cultures, extravagant decorations marked by brightly shining lights and statues can be found.

In some, the more simple decorations are preferred. In other cultures, decorations revolve around the colors red and green.

Christmas Songs

Songs pertaining to different events of the season are common in most cultures. These songs range from everything to anything. It may talk about the birth of Jesus Christ or Santa Claus. Over the years, a wide range of topics have been talked about.

Many people distinguish modern songs to classical songs. The classical songs are usually slow and emotional, such as Silent Night and The First Noel. The modern songs, on the other hand, are the ones recently released. These songs are usually fast and upbeat. In any case, both kinds of songs revolve around a united theme: Christmas.

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